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our brand:
a personal story

owner Dion Finlay talks about the inspiration behind our brand

When we acquired the old Tanker Inn in Arnolds Cove, we knew we would be looking at, amongst other renovations, a thorough redevelopment and rebranding of the facility. We discussed many Newfoundland themed ideas, but in the end, we kept coming back to The Arnolds Cove Inn. We saw it as a tribute to the people and community of Arnold’s Cove, who, like us, are proud Newfoundlanders with their own community pride and identity. We were happy with our choice and moved forward.

When it came time to create the official logo for the inn, we were full of ideas that related to our heritage and who we are as a people. We worked with OPEN Communications on various options: water, boats, nets, shoreline, houses and people. And it was during this process that things got really interesting.

You see, as a young boy I lost my father, uncle and cousin in a boating accident while birding in a small cove a few miles behind my child hood house. It is an odd sidebar that this particular cove is known locally as Arnolds Cove.

After the accident many people helped our family, none more so than my dad’s two brothers. I cannot count how many times they stepped up to the plate for myself, my mom, as well as my brother and sisters. In the years that followed, they became a very big part of my life and though they are both gone now, their memory stays close to my heart. A few years ago, we found an old picture of the two of them hauling a net in an old skiff, with the community of St. Shott’s in the background. I always loved that picture: the two of them in their prime, working hard but loving what they did.

When the guys at OPEN wanted to make the picture the centerpiece of the new logo for the Arnold’s Cove Inn, it all seemed almost as if it was meant to work out this way. You could call it coincidence or destiny. For us, it was perfect.

Dion Finlay
Owner, Arnold’s Cove Inn